English Speaking & PD

Young professionals these days face many challenges at work place related to communication, adapting to new environment and handling many new tasks. In this fast paced world, communication both verbal and non verbal is the most essential thing to be successful at workplace. Communication is a skill which can be honed with the right training.

Our English communication and personality development course aims at achieving a more competent communicator overall. The verbal aspects of communication, behavioral patterns, confidence, assertiveness, team building, leadership, time management, mock interview drills and group discussion, writing emails, applications and resumes with cover letters are a part of this extensive course. Effective writing is a powerful tool which helps you articulate your thoughts in a concise manner. The course will help you to spot, correct and avoid writing pitfalls. It will hone your writing skills and your better ideas will be better understood by the readers.

The most efficient way of speaking Fluent English is :-

  • Practice speaking with native speakers
  • Practice speaking English word phrases
  • Practice speaking using slangs and expressions
  • Know many practical vocabulary and tenses

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